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What is Airsoft

I’ve lost count of the times someone has said to me “What is airsoft? I’ve never heard of it! Is it like paintball?” So here is the definition:

Airsoft is a military themed, recreational activity in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with plastic BB’s launched from replica firearms. Gameplay varies in style from short-term skirmishes, organized scenarios, military simulations, or historical re-enactments.

Still not sure? Come along and join us for a game and see for yourself. Whether you are a die-hard, serious airsofter or you want to come along purely to shoot at your friends, Airsoft Combat Warriors can guarantee you a fun-filled day.

Our walk on days are every second Sunday but if you are looking for something different to do on your birthday, stag/hen do or maybe even a works day out, we can also cater for private bookings

Our Site

Our airsoft site is set over dense woodland and open areas. We are the only airsoft site in Scotland that has been fully constructed from metal. The gaming areas consist of metal compounds and drums (sound effects are amazing), trenches, a bunker, towers (if you’re not scared of heights) and tree tunnels. It is an excellent site for sniping and setting up ambushes. We are a new site and as such we are continuing to add to it to ensure that our players have an enjoyable but challenging game experience.

We have a large car park but encourage car sharing where possible. Players will have the use of a port-a-loo. A snack van is also available so you can fuel up before gaming begins. Hot rolls / hot and cold drinks will be available till just after lunchtime.

Players should arrive on site from 9:00am to sign in and pick up kit hire. All visitors to our site shall be required to sign a safety disclaimer. A short safety brief will take place around 9:40am and the days gaming will begin at 10. We will break for lunch at 1pm and the days gaming will end around 5pm.


A membership for Airsoft Combat Warriors is free. Participants are eligible for membership once they have played three games over a period of no less than two months.

Registered players can have their details added to the United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association’s (UKARA) database and can also buy RIF’s (replica imitation firearms) from approved retailers.

We will require you to fill in a registration form. Once this has been stamped three times over the required period, we will issue you with a membership number and photo ID card. We will provide forms for UKARA registration once the requirements have been met.