If you are age 14-15 you must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 AT ALL TIMES. Your parent/guardian must sign a safety disclaimer and consent form to allow you to play. During play, should you get eliminated then your accompanying adult is also eliminated and vice versa.

If you are age 16-17 we must have written permission from your parent/guardian in order for you to play. This will need to be confirmed before the event or you will not be able to play.

Under 18’s must wear full face protection.

We reserve the right to ask for ID if we do not think you look 18.

All players will be asked to sign a disclaimer on arrival.

No alcohol will be permitted on site. Any participants who seem to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to play.

Stay within the game boundaries. These will be explained before gaming commences.

Please do not litter. Take your rubbish home with you or use the litter bins provided.

Do not shoot any wildlife or surrounding livestock. You will be escorted from the site immediately.

No shouting or swearing at opponents. Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. If you have any issues with other players then report it to the marshal who will take appropriate action.

First action – verbal warning

2nd warning – removed from game

3rd warning – removed from day’s play

Play honourably and always announce when you have been hit. When hit by a bb, or within 5m of a grenade blast, raise hand in the air and loudly shout “HIT”. Depending on the game, you will either re-spawn, await medic, fall-back or leave the game.

Honesty shots will be taken by marshals throughout the day.

Always listen to the marshal. He is ALWAYS right.

Shots from your own team count. Same rules apply as when you have been hit by your opposing team.

Once hit you are either dead or injured and therefore may not communicate with other players.

Knife kills result in instant death.

Engagement distances must be adhered to.

Avoid head shots if possible.

No flashbangs to be thrown into bunkers or towers.

No shooting (or being shot at) whilst ascending/descending the tower steps.

Over 18’s only may use pyro’s.

Single shot only in compound contact.

Have fun!

Eye protection must be worn at all times except when in the safe zone.

Weapons must never be discharged in the safe zone. Magazines should be removed and safety should be on.

Only 6mm, 0.25g maximum bb’s allowed, 0.43g for snipers. If you are hiring our guns you must also use our bb’s as we only allow a high quality bb to be used in our equipment.

Use the designated area only for rifle testing. We reserve the right to test guns and spot check ammo at any time. Guns will be chrono’d at 0.2g.

FPS limits must be adhered to –

AEG’s and pistols – maximum 360fps (single shot only under 10m).

Sniper rifles – maximum 500fps (minimum engagement distance of 30m).

DMR’s – maximum 500fps (minimum engagement distance of 30m) – 2 second delay between shots is compulsory!

Grenades have a kill radius of 5m unless you are behind cover.